(made from carcasses and heads of fish) is rich in minerals including iodine, as well as extracts from the fish thyroid hormone which nourishes the thyroid gland.


3-4 whole carcasses, including heads, of non-oily fish such as sole, turbot, rockfish or snapper 2 tablespoons butter

2 onions, chopped coarsely 1 carrot, chopped coarsely several sprigs of fresh thyme several sprigs parsley

1 bay leaf

½ cup dry white wine or vermouth 1 tablespoon vinegar


Melt butter in a large stainless steel pot. Add the vegetables and cook very gently, about ½ hour, until they are soft. Add wine and bring to a boil. Add the fish carcasses and cover with cold, filtered water. Add vinegar. Bring to a boil. Take the time to skim off the “scum” as they rise to the top. Tie herbs together and add to the pot. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for at least 4 hours or overnight. Remove carcasses with tongs or a slotted spoon and strain the liquid into pint-sized storage containers for refrigerator or freezer.

pdf of recipe can be found here